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Thank You For Your Service

Thank you for becoming a resource that helps our students develop entrepreneurial skills to compete in the global economy.

As we strive to help our youth learn business by doing business, we also strive to provide a platform for you to improve your organizational and personal leadership skills. Please let us know how we can be there for you as we journey to make a difference in our communities.

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Upcoming Dates

Monday 2/13 & Tuesday 2/14 - Pop-Up Prep Presentation

Coach Ari will prepare students for Pop-Up Shop via Zoom. 

Please be prepare by having computers and HDMI cables to everyone can see. If there are no TVs to hook up to, that’s fine. Just have everyone sit where they can see and here. Strongly encourage students to take notes. Please have pen and paper for them. 

Wednesday 2/15 - Skyzone Field Trip

Lonnie Burton & Zelma George 

Vans leave centers at 4:30 SHARP! We will be leaving Skyzone promptly at 6:30pm. Any delays will cut into student’s time there. Food will be provided at Skyzone. TE staff will drive separately and go home from Skyzone. 

  • Brian arrive at LB Early

  • Theresa arrive at ZG Early

Thursday 2/23 - Accelerate Pop-Up Shop

All registered and vetted youth. 

Students and staff will arrive at 3:15pm. The event goes from 4p-8p. 

  • All students and staff please wear all black. 

  • Tablecloths will be provided. 

  • Staff will assist students at event. 

  • Please double check to make sure all students have their materials. 

Thursday 3/2

Last Day of 10 Week Trimester

We will be off the following week and session 3 begins on Monday 3/13. 

  • We will meet on Friday 3/3 to review how this current 10 Week session went. 

  • Details regarding staff reviews coming soon.

  • Additional details regarding session 3 programming objectives, agenda, and training coming soon. 





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